Starward Enterprises, LLC

At last, a publishing company for the ages!

Upcoming Publications:

“Beauty in Blood-Drenched Circuits” – An AI-Only Anthology
Starward Shadows

Issue 003 – Eastern European Heritage & Folklore
Starward Shadows eZine

Tonight The Old World Dies
An Anthology by Morgan Eric Harris

Current Publications:

Starward Shadows eZine

The speculative fiction eZine
where the stars are never right.

You already know us–you’re here! Starward Shadows eZine will currently serve as the docking platform for our publication company while we continue seeking more opportunities to share high-quality work with this world and many others.

Issue 003 has taken us on a convoluted journey, but you can read Issues 001 and 002 for free online while we polish it to a shine that’s worth the wait.

Starward Shadows remains a place where anyone can read our first two eZine issues online for free: And we’re excited for you to join us as we expand our horizons through the incredible multiverse of speculative fiction!