Odessa 1920

By yours truly, the happy recluse

Issue 003

Odessa 1920 – a poem based on true events 

yours truly, the happy recluse

My grandma got out of Odessa
hiding in the hay—
of a wagon into which

soldiers stabbed
……….pitchforks in
again & again…

when I sneezed in September
she told me with a grin:
“That’s why you have hay fever,
from the fear I felt when they—
stuck pitchforks in the hay.”

About the Author:

yours truly, the happy recluse (secret citizen of Cleveland, Ohio) spends much of his timelessness mating ecstatic meditation & poetry creation—giving mindful birth to understanding wordlessly; thus the joyous challenge to express linguistically. Far too reclusive to give readings, he may reply to (hate-free) emails. kenpgoodman@yahoo.com.