Issue 001 – [Fall 2021]

SSQ Issue 001

Happy Autumn Equinox of 2021!
You’ve waited months for this day, and now it’s finally here: The flagship issue of Starward Shadows Quarterly is alive at last!

Editors’ Note:

Dear Readers,

We welcome you to feast your eyes upon the beautiful, the twisted, the bizarre, and the unnameable within the pages of our first issue of Starward Shadows Quarterly!

We’re thrilled for you to join us on a mind-bending journey through galaxies and dimensions unknown as you read this curated collection of speculative short fiction. We’d like to offer our thanks to the incredible authors who contributed their work, and to readers like you who give them a well-deserved audience.

Happy reading, and may the stories you read here stay with you for all eternity!

Desmond Rhae Harris and Erica Ciko Campbell,
Editors at Starward Shadows Quarterly

Junkyard Dog

by Gustavo Bondoni

“If that was the kind of ship one was expected to fly in the afterlife, it wouldn’t be too long before one had to worry about the after-afterlife.”

Angel Teeth

by Eric Raglin

“Follow me,” he said. “And, for the love of God, don’t scream when you see it.”

Wax Agatha

by KT Wagner

“It’s her body that’s different, not her brain: But stones can’t—or won’t—look past the fragile, fading forms of wax.”

Daughter of the Qavvi

by Laura Marden

“As best I can translate it, it means ‘a king can never make a fair treaty with his subject.’” 

A Close Embrace

by John B. Rosenman

“Why did you come so far to see this monster? Does something trouble you?”

Gods and Monsters

by Alex Ebenstein

“Kinda cool, though, huh? Gods and monsters . . . Which one do you think we are?”

The Book of Fthagn

by Jamie Lackey

“There are some things that can only happen after curfew.”

Nightfall in Carpathia

by Jason Restrick

“A crimson effulgence bled across the sky, and in this sudden and abhorrent brightness, all other stars lost their luster.”

A Final Note From the Editors:

Dear Readers,

We hope that the stories you’ve read here will remain with you for this lifetime and many more! May you walk away from SSQ Issue 001 with a sense of dreaminess, dread, and wonder at the infinite creative possibilities of the universe.

As always, we give you our endless thanks for supporting this project and the works of all the promising authors featured here.

Desmond Rhae Harris and Erica Ciko Campbell,
Editors at Starward Shadows Quarterly

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