Blog Post 001 – 09/20/22

Hello everyone! We hope you’ve all been well and that you’ll enjoy reading updates, both present and past, in our new blog section.

Note to all who have submitted:

If you haven’t heard back on your submission, but still wish for us to hold it for consideration: We’re still considering it! I want to personally apologize for my struggles to stay on top of the ever-growing mountain that is our inbox, since I know how it feels to wait for a response. So to cut to the chase:

Just a couple of hopefully-helpful reminders:

  • Again, if you’re waiting to hear back, you’re still in the running! I’m just terrible at emails.
  • Any withdrawals, [whether you’re tying up loose ends regarding submissions in limbo or your work has been accepted elsewhere–congratulations if it’s the latter!] will be honored immediately, and we’ll pull your work from our consideration pool.
  • We always encourage simultaneous submissions! We don’t want any long wait times on our end to affect any writer’s success. As editors, we’re here for you–not the other way around–so don’t hesitate to submit your work to as many places as you like, no matter how long I take to get back to you.
  • I will still reply to each of your emails personally to answer any queries you’ve sent–I just wanted to give you all a quick list of updates. I think I see torches and pitchforks in the distance.

Thank you all again for your patience while we’ve been working through backlogged submissions, exhuming buried emails, and just dealing with life.

We care about each and every submission that you’ve taken the time to share with us, and your endless support is cherished.

I feel like I’d just be repeating myself now if I continued, so I’m going to can it. Best of luck in your other endeavors while I continue my notoriously iffy methods of sifting through your messages and submissions!

-Desmond Rhae Harris,
Founder/Editor/Designer & Illustrator


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