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Hello everyone! We hope you’ve all been well and that you’ll enjoy reading updates, both present and past, in our new blog section. Note to all who have submitted: If you haven’t heard back on your submission, but still wish for us to hold it for consideration: We’re still considering it! I want to personally…

Submissions for Issue 003 are CLOSED.

What a season
. . .

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted their work: We’re both impressed and moved by the stories you’ve sent us for “Issue 003 – Eastern European Heritage & Folklore”!

We’d also like to express our deepest appreciation for your patience, support, and understanding: After some big summer storms in our personal lives, we’ve finally made our way back into the wonderland of stories and art that you’ve shared with us.

Our inbox can quickly pile up into a true, towering eldritch horror: But rest assured that we’ll get back to each and every one of you regarding your submissions–and that Issue 003 is still on the way!

Opportunities For Action & Support:

We’ve provided some donation links below so that you can assist people affected by the conflict in Eastern Europe.
[Click here for more details about each organization’s reputability and current objectives.]

Places You Can Donate:

Thank you for any and all donations that you choose to make in support of those affected by the current conflict!

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Flash Feature:
To Have, And To Hold

By Ray Daley

I guess most folks still know and subscribe to the old traditions? Those are the ones who are either already married or haven’t reached the right age yet. It’s quite simple, on the face of it. In order to marry, the oldest son must enter his father’s tomb, remove Dad’s sword, and present it to his bride-to-be. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! 

Nothing about being a dwarf has ever been easy. 

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